Young people trust less, but still happy – Channel News Asia

“The overwhelming theme that’s come out of this is that the human is a very resilient animal,” said Christian Kurz, Viacom’s senior vice president for global consumer strategies.

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MIPCOM Goes ‘Raving Rabbids’ For ‘Dora & Friends’ – Viacom Blog

Representing the wider portfolio at MIPCOM, Christian Kurz joined media commentator Kate Bulkley to give a sneak peek look at a piece of in-house research revealing the attitudes and habits of today’s “pluralist generation” (…those consumers born in the nineties who have known nothing other than hyper-connected media). When asked how the future looks for linear TV as a result of these rapid changes, according to Christian, very bright indeed!

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Smart ‘Edutainment’ – TBI

Television Business International, a London-based publication specializing in the global television business, published an article by Christian Kurz, VP of Research and Insight at Viacom International Media Networks, in its August/September 2014 issue.

Christian’s essay, featured in the ‘Last Word’ column, focuses on the challenges and opportunities in creating ‘edutainment’ content for kids in a fast-changing media landscape.

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“…Parents are increasingly letting kids dictate, or at least have a vote on, purchases ranging from breakfast food to large ticket items like TVs, cars and
vacation destinations. “Decision-making within families today is almost entirely collaborative – and as kids become more influential, they’re impacting
purchasing decisions,” says Christian Kurz, vice president of research at Viacom International Media Networks….”

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