Power’s Changing Face, And How OTT Video Services Can Attract More Subscribers – Bloom in Tech (Podcast)

My East Coast trip last week included a stop at the Future of TV conference, where I sat down with Viacom SVP Christian Kurz to talk about their new report, Power in Progress, and to moderate a panel of marketing and biz-dev executives on how to get and keep subscribers.

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The Power in Progress report looks at the ways traditional power structures are changing and having to adapt to newly powerful movements such as the March for Our Live, #MeToo, the Hong Kong protests, France’s Gillets Jaune, and more. Just as importantly, it talks about ways that brands, and Viacom itself, can find new roles in working with and speaking to the young generations who are driving so many of these new power centers. The report details a series of  are lots of ways brands can find a way to connect with and

The panel, meanwhile, talks about strategies for smaller VOD services to make themselves invaluable to their fans, and to find ways to succeed despite competition from more than 300 other services, including big new competitors from Apple, Disney, Comcast, AT&T, and  others. Even if you’re in marketing for other kinds of entertainment, or just about any other product (think niche consumer packaged goods), there are tips and approaches of value for you. Give a listen.